Dec 18, 2004
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The Amazing Race

I don’t watch most reality shows, at least, not the ones that show up on ABC or CBS. It’s not that I’m opposed to the networks.. it’s just that their shows reek. However an incident on The Amazing Race recently caught my eye… not enough to watch the show, mind you, but enough to base my complaints on the subjective opinions of others.

Apparently, Team Domestic Abuse, carries on like a couple of 14 year old girls coming to blows over which is better – Malibu Barbie or Skipper. Highlights include Jonathan, an LA spa owner, holding the back of his hand to his wife’s face and screaming, “Will you shut up and let me talk!” Ehhh. And there was that other time when Jonathan told Victoria, a 1996 Playboy Playmate, that his “whining is her incompetence.”

I don’t know what that means but apparently neither does Victoria because this over-tanned Dapper Dan pushed her down in a moment of schizophrenic rage. According to their blog , which was working earlier tonight but seems to have been shut down, it’s all bad editing… and even if the editing turns out to portray the beauty of their love in its true light, well, Jon just missed a few of his meds.

I did manage to swipe this picture off their site though…

It seems Victoria isn’t as pleased with her situation as Jon would have us believe. But that’s okay! She can find a better man because hey,

there’s always love for ya out there.

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