Mar 14, 2006

Best Mound Charges

In honor of Dontrelle Willis beaning a player for the 21st time in the WBC yesterday, I present 9 of the best mound charges in the history of color television (according to Sports Center). [There haven't been any WBC mound charges that I can think of but, to be honest, I just needed an excuse to show this to you.]

The first incidence of a professional charging the mound has not been identified but the practice dates back to the game’s early days when men were men and thugs were heroes. Can you imagine the great mound charges there must have been?! I’m a little misty-eyed that film was being wasted on Birth of a Nation instead of these revolutionary moments of sport.

In any case, charging the mound is often the precipitating event of a bench-clearing brawl – a happening that leaves some men in wrapped up in the headlocks while others just hop around the outer edges looking silly and somewhat disappointed (not that I can blame them). If I ever caught myself on the outside of a brawl, I’d try to sneak in and bite a few ankles – otherwise, it’s a pointless excercise and you may as well go back to the dugout and wait it out.

I think it’s time for batters to become a little smarter about charging the pitcher’s mound. Though it’s sometimes done in the heat of the moment, some of these clips show that the batter clearly thought about it, weighed the consequences, and then went all battering ram anyway. So if you know you’re about to be thrown out and possibly suspended, why not wise up?

Take your beaning, and then, after a deep breath, stroll to first base. Be careful – don’t start bumping your gums to the pitcher – you don’t want to tip anyone off. When you reach first, strike up a conversation with the first baseman and have a brief laugh. He’s likely stupid and easily distracted. Then, when the pitcher is winding up to deliver to the next batter, channel the rage, and go Bobby Bouchet all over the pitcher. The third baseman’s view should be obscured by the hurler’s tall presence on the mound and the short stop is, hopefully, playing back. Since the pitcher won’t see you coming, the only person that is likely to stop you is the second baseman, who, we all know, isn’t much of a physical presence anyway. What, you’re afraid that Alfonso Soriano or Marcus Giles might try to take you out? Don’t be such a fucking chump.

This strategy enables one to get his licks in before the bench (who thinks they’re helping your cause) clears and ruins everything. I hope to see it in major league play soon.


  • hahahah Izzy Alcantara shoulda been #2 behind Ryan/Ventura. Those are some great clips.

  • I still don’t get how Ventura got taken like that! he never stood a chance!

  • Those clips take me back.
    I think the Tino one is so high because he was never the same after Douchemando plunked him.
    Also worthwhile noting was the Mike Sweeney helmet throw. Just that little bit took no-heart surfer dude Jeff Weaver off his game long enough to crush him (even though it would have happened anyway, i’d like to see more helmet projectiles)
    But the Izzy was a real watershed moment in basebrawl freakouts. Taking out the saftey valve, the well-protected catcher, with a swift kick to the sternum, he was able to charge the mound with impunity. The problem is, once he got there, everyone figured him for a psycho nutball, so they avoided him while he stood at the mound waiting for a fight like he was an extra in Big Trouble in Little China. So, so solid.

  • HAHA…yeah, I posted those over on my site, too. They are absolutely hilarious, and I will never forget that Ryan/Ventura tangle. I loved how Ryan was just waiting for the charge and jumped on him…he never showed a moment of fear.
    I love mound charges, because without them we wouldn’t have moments like that. We also wouldn’t have moments like Mo Vaughn pulling a Terry Tate right before the dude gets to the pitcher.
    The only thing better would be a sniper up in the stands over first base to clip anyone that took more than three steps toward the pitcher. I would start paying to go to baseball games again if they instituted that

  • Haha i love the “maturation” of Ryan from 10 to 1. When Winfield comes at him, he’s backin up and trying to brace himself and ends up fallin down. But by the time Ventura comes around, he’s an old pro (no pun intended) and he just pounds the dude.

  • There need to be more brawls. With steroid use goin down, there’s gonna be less home runs, so something has to prop up the game, haha

  • Hahaha I forgot about half of these brawls. Mo Vaughn going Terry Tate on George Bell owned… I’d forgotten how big that bastard was!

  • Damn i was hopin to see Mango Tree dump Don Zimmer on his face!

  • Where was George Bell’s karate kick on Bruce Kison in 1985?
    Or Mark Whiten’s one-punch TKO of Jack McDowell in 1991?

  • I still wouldn’t mess with Nolan to this day. For an old country boy, that dude’s bad.

  • The thing about that chump Benitez hitting Tino is he had done it to Tino the exact same way in 95. Junior hits a home run off clownzilla, Tino gets plunked. Bernie hits a home run off clownzilla, Tino get plunked again in the exact same spot.

  • Gerald Williams owned Pedro’s ass. I like how he hid his anger and then fueled it when pedro wasnt expecting a charge. Smart guy

  • I called a sports talk show in Boston the day after the Izzy charge. We talked for like 5 minutes and basically laughed our asses off. Good times.

  • Pedro got DROPPED like the BEAN BAG he is. ;- o


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