Jul 2, 2006

What Happened to Brian Cushing?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the homoerotic poster done each year by the USC football team called Gladiators of the Coliseum. If you haven’t (or would like a refresher), take a gander — the annual photo features the entire football team, oiled up, flexing, and ready to put the wood to you… in whatever way you like it. The O-line aside, you really can’t find a bad body in the bunch. So after being sent the following pictures, I’m wondering what in God’s name happened to sophomore USC linebacker, Brian Cushing.

I remember Brian Cushing well. I saw him play early in his high school career, and while he wasn’t remarkable physically, he was pretty good. A couple years later, he’d developed into a jacked beast – an absolute animal. So when the recruiters came calling, he was the must-have linebacker; the future anchor of a defense that would punish anything and anyone who got in his way. At 18 years old, he was already 6’4″ 235 and a member of every high school all-star team you can think of — Parade All-American, USA Today All-USA first team, Super Prep Elite 50, Prep Star Top 100 Dream Team, Student Sports Top 100, Rivals 100, Super Prep All-American, Prep Star All-American, Tom Lemming All-American, Scout.com All-American first team, EA Sports All-American second team, Super Prep All-Northeast Defensive Player of the Year, Prep Star All-East and All-State Defensive Player of the Year as a senior linebacker, running back and tight end at Bergen Catholic High, etc etc etc.

Meet Brian Cushing circa summer 2004.

And meet Brian Cushing now…


It’s hard to believe it’s the same guy. Before leaving for USC, Brian Cushing was participating in Strongman training and a year later, his breasts are overdue for a milking. How does a body like this go to pot so quickly?

At first I thought – well, hey, the college life. A lot of guys arrive with nice bodies. They were high school athletes with fast metabolisms and they were lookin good. But then they settle in and get addicted to Half Life, Madden, power hours, and keg races. After 8 months of pizza, late nights at Denny’s, and copious amounts of alcohol, they’ve drank on 20 pounds and a pair of fleshy B cups. That’s to be expected. But this kid isn’t an ordinary college freshman. He’s an intercollegiate athlete. How can the same happen to a specimen like this in the four months between the regular season’s end and spring practice?

I know Cushing had a surgery for a dislocated shoulder, which puts a serious damper on lifting and burning calories. But this level of breast, stomach, and breast flesh? I can’t help but wonder what’s going on at USC. Is their S&C program so incompetent that they couldn’t manage to keep a guy with a dislocated shoulder from turning into Bluto Blutarsky? Or was Cushing up to something a bit more dodgy in those recruiting years and months subsequent to and is now failing to handle cycling down properly?

I don’t know what’s happening here – maybe it’s a fluke. Maybe it’s a bad picture angle. Maybe he’s wearing really unflattering clothes. Who knows? But whatever’s up, I think it’s fair to say that something might be wrong here. I hope the kid gets himself together. His potential is ridiculous and it’d be a shame for that to be thrown away.


  • Yeah.. something about this just doesn’t look right. The only thing he looks to have kept from the “specimen” days are his arms.
    By the way, this new background kicks ass. Love it!

  • I grew up near Bergen County and the question about whether he was juicing came up a lot when the big boys started coming in to watch him. But what could you say at the time? He was a decent sized kid when he was a freshman and sophomore, but he turned into a gym rat and that would more than explain it. But that’s a pretty extreme body morph and if roids are the cause, I really wouldn’t be surprised.

  • This is definitely suspicious because you’ve gotta work to get that fat.

  • he turned into Jennifer Capriotti !

  • Jesus .. he really does look like Jennifer Caprioti :( What a bag of shit.

  • He’s not happy. And you might know that. There are issues and someone that you are close to on the field knows this to be true. Did he make the right choice? We don’t think so! Is there anything that can be done about it? I don’t know right now, but I have been trying to find out. When did you talk to him last? Have you talked to him within the last 6 months? I know a very select few that have.

  • drunk at 1:54 PM on a Monday, nice work!

  • Seldom if ever drink. Nice try. There are very few people that know what is going on. If she would like to respond I have provided a private address.

  • Sounds pretty ominous. How serious is this thing, Bus?

  • I am not sure other then I know what he and his father did….and have that confirmed twice. My opinion only-The picture tells the story. That is why I have sent out an olive branch here. The chances of the Poodle allowing this to happen are slim to none. Perhaps the Poodle would allow him to go play at Rutgers?? I have tried since the second confirmation to get an update two more times to no avail. The last confirmation is 3 or so months old. Good luck to you if my assumption is correct with your new endeavor. Congratulations the same.

  • little saggy for my tastes hahha
    by the way ms warner, your loveliness has been missing since the england loss. you don’t answer the phone, your AIM.. do we need a search party? get yourself together woman! :-)

  • I wanna defend this guy.. it’s not THAT hard to gain a beer belly over a few months time but his tits and his child-bearing hips really put an end to my efforts.
    Does anyone have any pictures of him during the season?

  • come on silver, you gotta hit up boifromtroy when it comes to usc bodies!
    i know this guy has layers on but even looking at his basic body shape, it’s not even close to how it’s looking now. and that’s not the result of four months of inactivity. there’s no way.
    i’m casting my vote for serious post-juicing side effects.

  • Thanks man…

  • Blue – where have you been man? How have you been? Long time no hear. Trust all is well.
    “Your ole pal” – INAMAR :)

  • the USC people haven’t noticed the changes going on with him?

  • They’d have to know, Koester. What I don’t understand is how a guy gets back to normal after he gets to this point. Is simple lifting and exercise gonna get his body back to a normal or is he fucked?

  • Mr. Cushing:
    Zero point zero.

  • if you guys actually do your research, you would know that brian cushing had to stay away from lifting weights for nearly a full season because he was playing with a seperated shoulder. he had to have off-season surgery after the rosebowl and is just trying to get back into shape.

  • Talk about hyperbole. To my eye, it looks like he added, at maximum, a couple of inches to his waist. By no means is he “fat.” The chest constrast is the main thing that “stands out” in those photos and that can easily be attributed to his being kept away from the bench following injury and surgery. The comment about his hips is baseless and a little strange. In addition, as someone noted aptly above, comparing a pic of a guy in full-flex to a pic of the same guy completely relaxed does not provide the most sound basis for analyzing change in his body composition. Moreover, using this example to cast doubt on the quality of SC’s strength and conditioning program is really weak. Perhaps (just perhaps) you should consider taking a look at guys who have been allowed to lift over the past 4 months before drawing any broad conclusions. Take, for example, TE Fred Davis, DT Chris Barrett (recovered from a shoulder injury), NT Sed Ellis, LB Keith Rivers, and CB Kevin Thomas. I invite you to post their pics and then draw conclusions.

  • In a recent interview w/ Garry P, Brian said he is up to 247lbs, but still runs a 4.47
    The few practices I have been to last year, Brian received more one-on-one w/ carroll than any other player.
    maybe you should wait to see how he plays this fall before you go popping off on his body type.

  • First, I think Cushing is certainly very talented and will get back into shape. Secondly, speed isn’t everything (4.47 40 time) as his strength is also in question here. In addition, when injured you do not completely stop working out, particularly your pecs/chest. You simply lighten the load on all you muscles, but keep them trim and fit. That being said I have never won a national championship or played in a Rose Bowl, so maybe the USC trainers know something we don’t. Either way, best of luck to Mr. Cushing in getting rid of his man boobs.

  • The chick is asking a question. She’s not making conclusions, even though assuming she is makes it easier for you to lob attacks.
    Having a lighter lifting/workout load (or none at all) due to surgery doesn’t mean you grow breasts, gentlemen. You should do your own research. The fact of the matter is that the changes in his body show SIGNS of improper steroid use. If this was happening to a player on a team you didn’t support, you’d eagerly ask the same questions.

  • What happened to Brian? I wouldn’t draw too many conclusions from these photos. They have been specificalally selected by detractors to find the biggest contrast. I have photos taken two weeks ago that would show you how ridiculous your contentions are but don’t know how to post them here. I’ll try to e-mail it to you as an attachment and then we’ll see if you post them here. In the meantime, I look forward to watching him when the season starts. He will be starting and putting some serious hits on people, man boobs and all. I’d love to introduce you to him so you can see the real Brian.

  • My question … where did Cushing train while in high school. I know that Parisi’s and DeFranco’s are well known facilities in NJ. Did he attend either one of those?

  • He had shoulder surgery you mo-mo’s.
    You take any athlete on the D1 level and have them go physically inactive for 4 to 6 months and what do you think happens.
    Take a look at Shaq and his playing into shape. The big whiner does no work outs in the off season and comes in looking like Big Momma.

  • Shaq is over 7 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds and he might get doughy but he never gets to the point where he needs a bra for his titties!!
    Cushing isn’t like all you fat slob, message board geeks that drink beer and armchair QB all year long. He was a physical specimen playing football at the highest collegiate level and when you’re that type of guy, surgery doesn’t give you an excuse to become a slob and grow man-tits because there’s always somebody to replace you, especially at USC. Whether Cushing has fixed himself now makes no difference. At some point this year, he was showing signs of gynecomastia and lowered testosterone. It’s pretty easy to see when he’s not covered up with football equipment.

  • This whole thing is stupid. We dont know how his body handles fat. Some people put it on in there stomach and thighs some put it on in their breast. Combine that with not lifting and it is totally possible that he could get a little loose in the breast region.

  • JOhn Henderson you are an idiot. When Shaq was fat and ulta-hefty when he was with the Lakers, he did have man boobs.

  • Both before pictures show him lifting. The after picture he is just relaxed. As you lift you tense up and your stomach contracts and your muscles flex. If you want an accurate before and after you would find an old picture where he is not working out or a new picture where he is in a similar lifting position.

  • What gave away that there was a sudden influx of message board geeks who blindly defend their guy no matter what the circumstances, Henderson? It couldn’t have been the fanboy screennames could it? I never would’ve guessed!

  • Not to cover for Cushing, but being off weights for a 4 to 6 month period does have an affect on your physical appearance. I would like to see the same photo of Cushing doing something with weights before I cast a stone. Until then, you should worry about the players that are in your program. I’m quite sure steriods is here to stay especially when it brings athlete’s fame and glory and not to mention a free ride to the best College football program (USC) in America, get the point.

  • Before sauce.
    After no sauce.

  • i’m not a CFB fan so i’m not here to flame. i am, however, a power lifter. i don’t know who this young kid is and but one picture or not, it speaks 1000 words. this isn’t a guy that is simply out of shape. he looks like a guy who didn’t handle his cycling properly. you see this all the time, especially with high schoolers that try to get jacked quickly. the evidence shows in his chest and hips but is really obvious in his face. there’s no way he took the necessary anti-estrogens like clomid, nolvadex, and arimidex looking the way he is.

  • “… I don’t know what’s going on with this situation – maybe it’s a fluke. Maybe it’s a bad picture angle. Who knows? But whatever’s up, I think it’s fair to say that something is wrong here.”
    Yes, verily the completely objective nature of this whole post is clear – “I have no idea what actually is ‘happening’ with Brian Cushing or any personal knowledge of the situation, but clearly something is wrong, so allow me to float some innuendo.” LMAO. Bring on more haters.

  • Your boy has bitch tits, Defender. No amount of innuendo anybody can provide is gonna change how bad he looks.

  • I was a nationally ranked sprinter coming into college, yes SC. I ran for a year and then settled into college life without athletics. Sadly I put on twenty pounds and my body seemed to change, getting flabby as shit. Even after starting to work out again, I had permanently thickened, and waist just stopped tapering, it just got flatter. (I have been stronger ever since and can pick up muscle quickly while lifting however.) As to Cushing, let’s get the times straight, he’s been out seven months not four. And the pictures are of him lifting and then of him slobbing it on the field. I think he should have never been allowed to give up on extensive cardio work to keep the weight down (wish someone had told me) but there is no evidence I see from the pictures of steroid use.

  • the pictures are from usc spring football workouts and that was about 4 months after the rose bowl.

  • He should stick to punching out young kids at the beach who mock Sanchez…oh wait, he’s done that. Once he get’s a rape charge under his belt, he’ll get some street cred….til then he’s just “Ol’ Bitch Tits”…

  • Nice titties, Brian. Whatcha doing Friday night?

  • It’s called Gynocomastia (gyno), which is the formation of breast tissue in males. It develops as a result of an extreme excess of androgens, the form of steroid that is far more “anobilic” than anobolic steroids.
    Androgenic is defined as, pertaining to the development of male characteristics, including body hair, the genital organs and muscle mass.
    Anobolic is defined as, the building up of lean muscle mass.
    Testosterone is the most powerful steroid and has the highest “anobolic” affect, yet it’s highly androgenic. Much of the testoserone is this class of steroid drug is converted to estrogen, which in some men causes gyno.
    The milder “anobolic” steroids are less androgenic, are not converted by the body to estrogen and therefore do not promote gyno.
    Look again at his pictures and notice the female patern fat distribution in the hip and thigh areas. I’ve been in sports specific fitness instruction and athletic performance enhancmenet for 28 years and unfortuately Brian was doing the heavy duty androgens.
    The good news is that he’ll be ok if he keeps working through this.

  • This guy is an assbag.

  • I am 25 and from Jersey. For 4 years (aged 17-21) I did every cycle of steroid there is and I was, admittedly, in a very bad way with it. I was since conquered this problem and I now give talks about there dangers.
    I DO NOT KNOW anything as a first-hand account or witness, but suffice to say that many of the people in my old “circle” (and it does become a circle) know Brian intimately.

  • If he has had surgury to repair his shoulder, he has a minimum of at least 6 to 8 weeks of imobilization of the shoulder before you can do anything. Followed by another 6 to 8 weeks of rehab. I don’t know anybody who won’t put on a few pounds after that.

  • A few pounds, yeah. Not bitch tits.

  • Shoulder surgery doesn’t affect your legs, he still should have been running to stay in shape. Any athlete who can get to look like that first picture knows how to take care of their body and eat well and four months off shouldn’t affect their whole body like that. And fat doesn’t go to guys breasts first. The guy took roids.

  • Problem is you can’t talk sense to USC fans on this one. They’re blaming everying from surgery to a rare form of delayed puberty and if you disagree or try to show em the light, you’re a hater. If Cushing played for Texas/Notre Dame/UCLA, these same idiots would be all over it and screaming from the rooftops until fall.

  • Ha, what a fat shit.

  • Dang, them are some child bearing hips!! Maybe he’s producing milk in them titties!! LOL

  • my junior year in high school i had surgery on my shoulder after a water polo injury. before surgery i was ripped – big muscles and little body fat. within six months i wasn’t “fat”, but my transformation wasn’t unlike cushing’s (i added 15 lbs to a 6’1 frame). not being able to lift weights greatly increases the chance of developing moobs (man-boobs). the muscle you have, starts to sag, and that’s that.
    Above, Jay stated that “Shoulder surgery doesn’t affect your legs, he still should have been running to stay in shape.”
    what Jay and others don’t realize about shoulder surgery is that it does prevent you from running. When your shoulder is separated it becomes loose. When you run, that loose shoulder bounces. It can be VERy painful. Believe me, unless the shoulder surgery is relatively minor, for the first 2 or three months after surgery, you ain’t running.
    As he heals up, the moobs will disappear.
    Fight On!

  • A.J., do you have personal knowledge that Brian Cushing has used steroids? No? Has someone testified that he has? No? Then why is your OPINION any more valid? You don’t know any more than I do or any one else here does (love the Longhorns fan who STILL has USC up his a*s even AFTER they won). Yeah, I responded because I’m a USC alum, but I wouldn’t have felt any different if it was a Bruin/Irish/whatever team’s player being ripped here on speculation and innuendo. I didn’t make excuses for anybody – get over yourself.

  • Get over myself? This is what happens! The bulk of fans never look at their own players with any form of rationality (especially in CFB). The ones that do are few and far between. I seriously doubt USC fans are any different than the rest. Cushing could be holding a syringe and fans would come up with 10,000 excuses. That was my point.

  • Brian Cushing lived the town over from me. I knew him when he was younger because he played baseball with my brother.i remembered seeing him when he was a sophmore in highschool, at that time i was in 8th grade. I didnt think of him as being a gaint kid, but a year later i see him again and he looks like the incredible hulk. For an 18 year old kid to look that big and cut is kinda freakish if there arent steriods involved…not to mention he is a lot bigger in person. All i know is that if he can get that big in a short amount of time, and look like shit in a short amount of time, theres only one thing responsible and thats juice. Dont get me wrong hes a great kid. In a way you cant blame him, hes playing at the best football program in america. i wouldnt be surprised if half the usc team is on the juice.

  • 53 comments and no suggestions for the manzere? frank costanza would be disappointed. but to be serious here, i’m a usc student and i’ve seen cushing a lot around the gym and campus. the moobs were real and the thing was, he got em really fast. those didnt take 4 months to develop. his face was already starting to look girly after Christmas break. whatever he was doin before he got here (and i agree on AAS) is nothin we can change. i just want him ready for the season.

  • this is a crack up…first of all i will start off by saying i know brian on the personal level and have for the past few years…having said that, i would be the first one to show him this and laugh because its hilarious and it looks like he has man-tits…now, after i laughed and he kicked my ass we would defiantely agree that its a awful picture and is not really indicative of how his body looks….second, i love how you blow hards come on here and say, “oh i saw hin in high school yada, yada, yada, and he did ‘roids”…ya thats bullshit…third, to those who point out that SC fans are so myopic when it comes to their own players, YOUR RIGHT, being a trojan fan, i try and keep an open mind, but its tough just like every other fan out there…fourth, the reason why brian has bitch tits in this pic is because he hasnt done any upper body lifting in about 6-7 months (or 4 months at the time of this photo)…now to all of you saying, well he should have ran, blah blah blah, HE HAD ANKLE SURGERY AT THE SAME TIME AS HIS SHOULDER, dumbasses…dont comment on things to which you are clueless…in summary, even as a friend of cush, i would still laugh at him for this pic, basically its just a very unflattering photo, not too mention he is not in as good of shape as last year due to shoulder and ankle surgery…pull your heads out!!!

  • he’s on the juice!! and you can’t refute that because i’ve known cushing every minute of my life which is more than all of you. can’t you tell how credible i am??

  • touche

  • Look, a guy i played HS ball with and am still good buddies with plays at SC. He’s a reserve, not a starter. He has been juicing off and on, since the middle of his redshirt year. He has told me that there are a lot of the SC guys on roids….some doing growth hormone, because it isn’t traceable. The coaches state they are against it, but really don’t seem to care — more of a don’t ask don’t tell policy.
    With the millions on the line to go pro, these guys are willing to take the risk. It is paying off for many of them.

  • What a Crappy full or turd-flakes…you’re a fool Henry.

  • I personally stuck a needle in him and watched before my eyes as he grew…I mean it was freaky how one second he is 120 lbs and the next he was 240…Then you know, USC showed up for recruit him and he asked me to juice him again, so I did…They then went to 245 (I guess the 2nd dose wasn’t as powerful as the 1st). But then he went to USC, so now Barry Bonds gives him the juice because you know, I have parental things to do, but you know, I’ll never forget that first time. By the way, I’ve known Cushing all of my life and always knew you would juice in the end.
    Jose Canseco
    PS – Buy my book!!!
    PSS – You people are idiots for believing everything someone posts on the internet.

  • I’ve found proof!!! This dude is huge like the first time I stuck the needle in him when he was 120 lbs! I see him easily bulking up to 520 lbs and nice big ones!

  • Everyone in this chat is retarted u have noo right to talk about someone that is going to USC. You people are nobodys with no lives and you just sitt on your computers and criticize people that you dont even no. when you go to USC or even step on a football feild talk as much as you want but since you are all losers and for a fact you would never have the balls to even say hello to this kid. So for all the sports analyists in here just shut up or send me a pic of you in a USC jersey ight.

  • Only after you show us a picture of you getting off the short bus, garman. Before you call people retarded, learn how to spell it, you dumb fuck.

  • sorry Koester u small minded fuck i miss spelled a word and you would never say that anyones face you are a bitch thats why you talk shit on the computer cause you are a bitch you are one of those people never went out for the team cause you couldnt cause again you were a bitch and i could bet any money that you say that you did play football so just say it so i can laugh but it is a lie i can tell so sit on your computer talking smack retard haha peace bitch and dont forget to fix my comment bitch i did it for you bitch

  • I’m gettin the feeling that garman doesn’t see the irony of making fun of someone for talking shit on the computer….


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