Oct 27, 2007

Dennis Rodman Is A Classy Broad

Here’s Dennis Rodman being a hot tranny mess at his "Rodmania" Halloween Party last night.

One would think that at age 46, Dennis would know that the whole point of Halloween is to wear a costume that is creative, funny, shocking, outrageous, or, if you’re me and any other woman under 30, strongly indicates that you’re suffering from a severe case of the sluts. Rolling up to your own party in your regular get-up and Tina Turner’s hair from Mad Max is NOT a costume.

Come on, Dennis. It’s time to raise your game and give us something new. You didn’t even get your nails done! This tired shit is so 1998. Two thumbs down on this non-effort.

Dennis Rodman at Rodmania

Here are some other gems:

rodmania1.jpg rodmania2.jpg rodmania3.jpg rodmania4.jpg

HT: Dlisted 


  • I’m pretty sure I had that purse in 7th grade.

  • You just ruined my lunch, maybe even my day. And that should be pretty hard to do given everything this week. Thanks, Flash. :-(

  • If I’m Madonna, I’d hit myself out of shame that I ever begged that freak for his sperm.

  • You’d think the appropriate costume for Rodman would be a double breasted suit, undyed hair and a butch Cuban cigar. Looks like he only managed to get the cigar.

  • I just realized that those were his arms and not some horribly designed shirt.

  • He looks like Dragon from Shrek

  • Just read on the same site that Madonna also wanted 2pac. That makes a helluva lot more sense than Dennis Rodman. Who needs sperm THAT bad?

  • Nice!

    Don’t know what Rodman’s waiting for. He should make the full transformation for next Halloween.


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