Dec 7, 2008

Tyson Makes Room for de la Hoya in Bolivian

Oscar de la Hoya Gets Sad About ItThis sad image is what happens when you’re only in it for the money.. and when you’re too blinded by your 2,500-watt smile and million dollar paydays arrogant to see that you’re time has long since passed.

It’s easy to say that Oscar de la Hoya should have called it a day after Floyd Mayweather took his boot of justice to him in the final rounds last May, but even with hindsight being what it is, was there ever any doubt?

In rounds 9 – 12, Pretty Boy taxed the gold finish off de la Hoya with 71 connects (vs. 27) and 27 power shots (vs. 23). And what was so disheartening about it all wasn’t that Mayweather’s slick counterpunching was suddenly too much to handle; it was that Oscar didn’t have anything left for a proper response. He had no legs, no power and a connection rate that you’d expect of a tomato can on Friday Night Fights. Still, he managed a respectable split decision that allowed him to leave the ring with his head held high. And with Mayweather’s retirement scuttling the possibilities of a rematch, it was the perfect opportunity to walk into that quiet good night.

But no, de la Hoya went looking for trouble because as much as he loves making money, he clearly loves blowing big fights even more. What’s worse is this time, he not only blew the fight but also had to sit idly by while his corner threw in the towel. It was a shameful moment for boxing that never should have happened.

Sure, de la Hoya v. Pacquiao seemed like a waste of time what with ODLH sporting 4-inch height and 6-inch reach advantages against an undersized guy with a suspect jaw that jumped 2 weight classes to fight him. But Manny Pacquiao isn’t The Contender’s Steve Forbes and he isn’t a smoking, boozing and slightly insane Ricardo Mayorga either. Manny Pacquaio is a tenacious, ferocious pugilist. And while that wouldn’t have mattered against Oscar even three years ago, it certainly does and did in a year when a guy that couldn’t even win a boxing reality show easily took him the distance.

Oscar de la Hoya should have been doing the rumba with one of those oversexed broads on Dancing with the Stars. He should have been buying a Grammy for another one of his lame Latin Pop "records." He should have been making a bajillion dollars promoting young, talented fighters through Golden Boy Promotions. He should have been anywhere but the ring and now his legacy will pay dearly for it.

It’s pretty sad. But let me take a selfish angle here and tell you what else will suffer – any affection I ever had for Oscar de la Hoya. And no, it’s not because he and his old balls went down like a one-eyed bitch. Or because he’s been a weak 3 – 3 since his failed rematch with Shane Mosley. It’s because now, Manny Pacquiao will fight and beat Ricky Hatton and do you know what that will do? It will pull Floyd Mayweather Jr. out of retirement to counterpunch Pacquaio back to the Philippines and take official ownership of the mythical pound-for-pound title. Don’t get me wrong, Pretty Boy is a joy to watch but I’ve had enough of his "I’m an insufferable, ungrateful, preening douchebag that leaves my house just to wave around hundred dollar bills" to last a lifetime. We get it, Floyd. You’re the best. You’re the greatest. You’re rich. And even more, you hang out with 50 Cent.

Thanks to Oscar de la Hoya, we’re about to hear more about it. Times ten.

Great work, Oscar. Ass. 


  • This is what brings you out of the woods? ODLH?! Well whatever glad to have you posting again. I hope you didn’t pay $60 for this fight though.

  • What a perfect picture of Oscar. Defeated and sad.
    Getting absolutely destroyed and being known for wearing dresses is the way he’ll finish his great career. Definitely a lesson to those who would extend their stay in their sport just a little too long.
    Glad you’re back flash!!!!

  • heyyyyyyy! bout time! I thought the Raiders would’ve woke you up weeks ago!

  • ODLH says his heart still wants to fight but when this is what your opponents are saying after 6 minutes, it’s time to hang em up:
    Said Pacquiao: “The speed was the key. After the first round, I’m still not getting overconfident. I’m still careful because maybe he’s waiting for a big shot, or a counterpunch. After the second round I thought, ‘I got him.’ “

  • I come over here to look up a link on your site, and lo and behold! You’ve returned! Good to read you again.

  • When rage turns into simple annoyance and that into useless apathy, you need to take a break :) So I did and now I’m feeling wonderfully agitated again.


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