Oct 9, 2009

Cheeky Cognitive Dissonance, FTW!

G-d bless the internets; I just found one helluva deal!

Rebel Obama Stars and Bars

Whether you’re an Obama supporter who dabbles in white sheets and/or good old fashioned Southern pride, or an ironic, attention-seeking, hipster doofus who hopes to upset those around you, this 3′ x 5′ vinyl beauty can be yours (wrinkles included) for just $12.95 (USD). Talk about a bargain! I mean, you’re getting a handsome set of Stars & Bars, AND an undeserving Nobel Peace Prize winner who didn’t have the minerals to decline even though he’s fighting two wars, is about to bomb the moon and excels in little more than oratory seduction and good intentions.

50% off the retail price is so cheap it’s almost offensive.

Now, I don’t know where you display this or even how you  talk about it to others without putting yourself in danger. But I have a feeling that the only time and place you could get away with it would be in SEC country during Rivalry Week. When your neighbors question you, and they will, just shrug your shoulders and say, "Hey, we’re just a house divided." They’ll understand. It’s the South – a land where seemingly illogical and nonsensical juxtapositions require little to no explanation because people have grown accustomed to having neighbors like this:

Auburn/Alabama "House Divided" - so lame.




  • Awesome. I’d like to hit NASCAR races in the south, tie these on to random trucks in the parking lots and then watch the drunken, post-race mayhem from a high safe place.

  • They couldn’t get the wrinkles out of the flag before taking the picture? That’s just the height of disrespect :)

  • “excels in little more than oratory seduction and good intentions.”
    Uh Flash aren’t you missing something here? The man’s sexy bedroom eyes also deserve some credit.

  • What would ever compel somebody to design that?

  • Don’t forget that sweet baritone Flash. That’ll sooth even the most rabid Klan member.


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