Oct 2, 2009

Oh No They Didn’t!

Today, the IOC did the unthinkable by telling Oprah, Team Obama and the USOC to go eff themselves right out of the gate. Even Tokyo got to pass "Go" and collect $200, while Chicago and its sad 18 votes had to pack up and go home.

Perhaps members believed they were voting for the country that they DIDN’T want to host the games. Or maybe it’s all a conspiracy to get the previously discussed O-lympics off the ground and the IOC members are in on it.

In any case, after putting their collective foot in America’s ass,  the IOC did something even more insane. They granted the 2016 Summer Olympic Games to a city renowned for being a debauched, delicious cocktail of samba, sun and sex*.

What the hell were they thinking? :-P

*Rio is famous for murders too but murders aren’t sexy. Besides, throwing that in there jacked with the alliteration, and I know those subtle touches are why you read this blog.


  • Chicago got out-bribed by even Tokyo? That town has really lost its touch.

  • This is all about the IOC and USOC leadership feuding over tv money. I don’t think there was anything Oprah or Obama could have ever done to get around that mess.

  • - Brazil or Chicago
    - Women like Gisele, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio or women who look like Roseanne
    - endless sunny beach or trips to the Indiana Dunes
    Not even close

  • If we’re lucky, this will trigger her decline.


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