Oct 20, 2009

Yankees Must Win In Spite of Girardi

Someone needs to tell Joe Girardi that the Yankees are in the ALCS, not the finals of the Bergen County Little League Championship where every pitcher on the team gets to have a shot on the mound.

After a decent 6.1 innings from Andy Pettitte (who should have pitched around Guerrero to get a matchup with Rivera), the game was tied at 3. So Girardi did what any sensible manager would do – he threw in Joba Chamberlain, who hasn’t been consistently fearsome since the midges sucked out his life force in 2007. Since then, the Joba Rules have left him a skittish mess. Far too much of a mess, in fact, to be relied upon in a tie ball game with time running out. So when Joba was inevitably rocked by Howie Kendrick and Erick Aybar, Girardi started up his Carousel of Foolish Gambles & Mismanagement:

  • Does Girardi know what he's doing?Damaso Marte (LOOGY) flew out Figgins and was replaced by Phil Coke (LOOGY), who pitched Abreu – another lefty.

    Now, I don’t think Marte is reliable enough to sit in the bullpen, let alone see the actual mound, but when the manager puts him on the roster and then doesn’t trust him to get more than one out, that manager is a fool.

    We can thank Angels stupidity for keeping this move from burning us into the ground.

  • Phil Hughes held down the fort and was replaced by Mariano Rivera, who nearly screwed the pooch. In a game where we had four runs off four knocks and a cavalcade of blown scoring opportunities, maybe it would’ve been a good idea to save the closer for when we actually got a lead. Then we could, you know, HOLD IT. You don’t throw your greatest pitching asset on the mound and then cross your fingers in hopes that Nick Swisher and Melky Cabrera can bring it on home. Clown.
  • Rivera was replaced by David Robertson, who was great. But then with two outs and no one on, Robertson got sacked for Alfredo Aceves after a 3 second examination of the scouting report and a failure to acknowledge Aceves’ line from game two:

    Aceves nearly blew it in game 2

    Apparently, Kendrick (a righty) is 1/2 against Robertson (a righty) and has no history with Aceves (another righty), which means he won’t be able to bat against Aceves? Is this logic for real? It’s like replacing Matt Hasselbeck with Seneca Wallace with three seconds left because Wallace had no history with the Ravens and Hasselbeck went 1/2 in his last series against them. This goes beyond being cute or overthinking. This is absolute madness.

    Where is Girardi’s feel for the game? Robertson shut down two hitters on 11 pitches and he was yanked because the Book of Statistical Secrets told Girardi that his time was up? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  • Using Aceves left ONE man in the pen – Chad Gaudin. What’s going to happen tonight with CC pitching on short rest?
  • A manager’s primary job is to get the most out of his players. 75% of the time, the level of talent on our roster means the hitting and fielding will take care of themselves, and we don’t have to worry about Girardi’s erratic, nonsensical gambles. But our bats have been largely silent of late and our runners aren’t coming home. If those factors don’t change, Girardi will mismanage us right out of the post-season by doing other crazy things like:

  • Replacing Matsui with Gardner but replacing Gardner before he could hit with Hairston, who then replaced Damon in left field. This eliminated the DH and slid Mo Rivera into the 2 hole, who was then replaced by Cervelli, meaning Derek Jeter was backed up by one of the weakest bats on the team.
  • Running for Matsui every time he gets a hit, thus putting Brett Gardner or Freddy Guzman in the 5 hole behind A-Rod 2.0
  • Replacing Damon’s bat in the 2 hole while allowing Swisher to continue doing nothing at 8 but having a great attitude while striking out and hitting into DPs with runners in scoring position
  • Failing to realize that Damon may throw like Mary but an offense sporting Nick Swisher, Jerry Hairston Jr and Gardner/Guzman does not make opposing pitches quiver in their wake when the game is on the line
  • Now, I keep hearing that I’m overreacting; that I need to keep the faith and let it play out. Perhaps they’re right but I’m unsettled by what I’ve seen. CC’s pitching and a few clutch hits aside, have we really risen above mediocrity this post-season? Have we shown ourselves to be a truly superior team? Most of our jaw-dropping defensive plays have come on bonehead base running errors. Even our final game winning run on Saturday can be directly attributed to Maicer Izturis temporarily losing his mind.

    The Angels have been playing like the Texas Rangers and we are barely up 2-1. How long do you think that good fortune is going to last?


    • I must take some blame here, I forgot the Toxic Curse last night and tuned into a stream of the game right through.
      It won’t happen again.

    • I should’ve known you’d be involved Toxic. Stick to reading the recaps and do something else while we’re trying to win. Looks like a couple of the Sky Movies are showing Godfather II and Harold & Kumar tonight. Perhaps you can do that instead :)

    • The decision to pull Matsui was awful because it let Scioscia neutralize A-Rod but on one with Damon was far worse. We essentially traded his bat for Hairston AND Cervelli and we got fucked for it. I don’t care how bad Damon’s arm is, in a game like this, he has to be out there.

    • As long as CC brings it strong tonight and we get some runs, I think we’re alright for THIS series. Girardi pulls this shit against the Phils and we may not need to show up.

    • The Matsui/Gardner/Hairston/Damon/Rivera/Cervelli thing just made my eyes cross. Glad I didn’t realize it was that convoluted last night.

    • that was fucking amazing tonight. girardi stayed out of it and the boys figured out how to make that a decisive victory.

    • He must’ve learned his lesson because I don’t think he left the dugout in game 4

    • Couldn’t help myself again, luckily I packed it in when Jorge and Robbie had their little third base shuffle.

    • This is the playoffs. Cano’s gotta wake the fuck up. If Jorge’s comin back either run to 2nd or touch 3rd base. It’s not rocket science out there.

    • Posada needs to wake up too Anthony. He botched that baserunning coming off 2nd and then couldn’t remember how many outs there were with Torri Hunter sitting on 3rd base. If Hunter was paying attention that coulda been a score.

    • Still can’t believe he ran out there to tell Pettitte to pitch inside to Vlad. At that point, you gotta know you’re in a losing effort.


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