Feb 1, 2010

SI: Rooney’s 100th Goal Helps ManU Down Chelsea

Rooney Scores 100thNo, that didn’t actually happen. Wayne Rooney scored his 100th goal in the Prem against Arsenal, the second score in a horrific 3-1 shellacking of the Gooners that left me sad and nauseated, but don’t tell Sports Illustrated that.

I’m picking nits here but this carelessness is not only annoying, it also illustrates just why football will never gain a true foothold in American culture. The one medium that claims to do all it can to improve the game’s popularity in the States (and the only one with the power to do so) can’t even pull together the effort required to generate an accurate headline. And it’s not just any headline. It’s one that covers a massive accomplishment from one of the world’s best players who happens to play in one of the world’s best leagues.

Further, it was in the top stories for hours before cycling off the page, and in all that time, no one noticed. Or maybe they thought no one would notice who actually cared. Either way, it’s ridiculous.

When Kobe Bryant scored his 20,000th point against the Knicks, the headline didn’t read Celtics. When Ken Griffey Jr joined the 500 Home Run Club against the Cardinals, the headline didn’t claim it was the Cubs. I know not many people care about football in the States and the media doesn’t take it particularly seriously but have some respect. Chelsea and Arsenal have achieved too much in the world of football to be treated as interchangeable afterthoughts by some web editor who can’t be bothered to read the article to which he’s linking.


  • I’m sure they got some emails about it but you’re right, they’re probably thinking no harm, no foul. So what if 1,000 soccer fans get their feathers ruffled. The other million people who hit that site last night won’t know the difference, won’t care and think Wayne Rooney is the night janitor at their work.

  • “Chelsea and Arsenal have achieved too much in the world of football.”
    Well nobody has brought through more scumbags in the world of football…

  • In other news, Ryan wasn’t really sorry for that gesture he made at the MMA event, but that’s just nitpicking.

  • Until the US wins the World Cup, they’ll never care. But wings will sprout out of my arse and turn to gold before that happens. I’m actually surprised it turned up in the top headlines at all. Is that a victory?

  • Toxic is bang on lol
    As for the topic at hand, like you, I’m not surprised. But they really ought to stop saying how much they want to promote the sport. We all know it’s not true and their efforts reflect as much. I don’t understand why the US MSM doesn’t give up the charade.

  • Did SI get the link right this week? ;-)

  • So… his first name is Wayne?


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