Oct 18, 2010

NFL.com Thinks A.J. Feeley is Black

You’d think someone with 27 touchdowns, 29 interceptions, and a 55.9 career completion percentage would get a little more respect — especially from the league that employs him.


  • then who’s the guy in the picture?

  • I can’t believe he’s been in the NFL 10 years. That guy has never not sucked.

  • That’s got to be Jacory Harris. They just got the name wrong. He’s already thrown 27 interceptions. And he’s not even in the league yet.

    • Jacory Harris throws such a catchable ball (hahahahaha)

  • Since no one goes to NFL.com no one will ever know. Their site is completely useless. It’s tied for 4th for me behind ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS.


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