Jan 10, 2011

53 Eagles Found Dead on Lincoln Financial Field

Another sign of the times, friends. It looks like Chile was just hit by another earthquake (5.9), too. If I wasn’t a Torah-reading, Hebrew-speaking malcontent, I’d get one those registration plate frames that says, “Warning: In case of rapture, this car will be unmanned.” Blast my luck.

In related news, Chris Berman last night stated his belief that Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is “one of the underrated coaches in pro football.”

Thanks for your wisdom and insight, Chris, but no. McCarthy’s rating is exactly where it should be. Just because he barely managed to outcoach Andy Reid, one of the worst wartime consiglieres in NFL history, doesn’t mean he’s worthy of much praise. Nearly any coach can pull that off. Well, any coach except stupendously inept Colts “head coach” Jim Caldwell, who was as lost and overwhelmed in the AFC Wild Card game as Grady Little was in the 2003 ALCS. For the rest of the lot, the challenge of clowning Reid in the playoffs offers the same level of difficulty as outmaneuvering a cripple.


  • LOL Every photo caption of Caldwell should be like “Coach Jim Caldwell looks on in confusion.”

  • When are they firing this guy? I love that Reid shitcanned McNabb because he wasn’t a QB that could win the Eagles a Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Reid isn’t a coach that can pull it off either.

  • Jim Irsay has to cut Caldwell loose and fast. He owes Tony Dungy nothing. Regardless of how you feel about Peyton Manning, it’s sad that a guy of his caliber may be forced to spend the last few years of his career playing for this fool.

  • I heard there’s a coaching seat in Michigan that continues to be embarrassingly vacant. Maybe Caldwell should look into it LOL

  • Chris Berman can’t do a broadcast without pulling a coach or player into his hyperbole who doesn’t deserve it (for one reason or another). Him saying that doesn’t surprise me at all.


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