Jan 8, 2011

Uh-oh: “Don’t Retreat, Instead-RELOAD”

Sarah Palin should be on her knees praying that 1) Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) of Arizona doesn’t die, and 2) the lunatic who shot her in the head at point blank range, as well as a federal judge, a nine year old, and up to ten others, isn’t a knuckle-dragging right wing extremist, but a Travis Bickle type with a gun and the courage of his convictions.

Since no one has any hard facts about this tragedy, it’s just as likely that the shooter is the former as he is the latter. But it doesn’t matter. Evidence be damned, it’s clear that most will treat this as a Tea Party Jihad, and the violent rhetoric, vitriol, and imagery spewed by Palin, her followers, and right wing celebrity mouthpieces got a child killed and possibly more.

And you know what, maybe they’re right. Maybe that’s exactly what happened. Deranged individuals take rhetoric to heart. But right now no one knows what this nutjob was on about, and pulling out your Jump to Conclusions mat to spout off about Sarah Palin having blood on her hands is spectacularly obtuse.

All hell is about to break loose in American politics, and the disgusting part is the victims of the attack will get lost in the shuffle.


  • I guess this is what Sharon Angle means about a Second Amendment Remedy to a tyrannical government. http://abcn.ws/eCIMg1

  • way too much coincidence for it not to be politically motivated. the rhetoric here has gotten to really really violent levels. it may not be about palin specifically but i think they’re all at fault for pushing this. RIP.

  • This is sad and it’s scary. You’re right. There’s personal responsibility but this starts with the political tenor and it has to change. But I don’t think it will. I think the right will blame this on a crazy guy acting alone. They’ll blame the Democrats for trying to politicize it all and they’ll keep doing what they’re doing.

  • Bravo. We’re in total agreeance here. Rhetoric might have had a role but we don’t know yet and saying it did is irresponsible. Everybody is pissing in the wind until we know one way or the other. If it comes back to the rhetoric, then it’s time to talk about it.

  • I can’t blame people for jumping to conclusions when the news first came out. That’s human nature and it’s also the only thing that made sense. Why would Travis Bickle kill a politician? But you’re right, at some point you’ve gotta get wise, and at 24 hrs later, there are still way too many people trying to make this political.

  • This dude is certifiable and that’s all it comes down to. It’s not about left or right.

  • Thank you for being reasonable unlike so many bloggers. Why is it that whenever a fanatic and mentally ill person does something horrible that so many people want to broad brushstroke another group and assign the blame to either some political party or big business, or a lobby? There are 305 million people in America and 99.99% of them are not assaulting our political leaders, nor are they bombing abortion clinics, committing acts of terror, or threatening other people.

    Jared Lee Loughner should receive the harshest penalty the law allows but we should not be so quick to blame the lack of proper political discourse for causing these heinous murders. It is not the fault of any party, any group, or any lobby why this horrible event happened. Whenever something terrible happens we either blame it on the gun lobby, big corporations, some cable news show, or a political party. In a country of more than three hundred million people, no matter how civil our discourse is with each other we cannot and will never be able to prevent deranged individuals from harming innocent people. Instead of blaming others we need to blame the deranged person who committed this awful act.

  • Sarah Palin is a simple minded fool but the people who are going after her for the actions of an anti-government atheist with no concrete leanings in any direction (except leaning toward being crazy) are just as bad.

  • “Whatever happened to crazy? What, you can’t be crazy no more? Did we eliminate “crazy” from the dictionary? Fuck the records. Fuck the movies. Crazy! When l was a kid, they used to separate the crazy kids from everybody. When l was a kid, the crazy kids went to school in a little-ass bus. They had a class at the end of the school and they used to get out of school at 2:00 just in case they went crazy they would only hurt other crazy kids.”
    - Chris Rock

  • I disagree with all of it in this letter. If you can’t see how the right’s puke and this act are connected your blind!!! THEY created the environement that Christina Green and Judge Roll KILLED. It doesnt matter if he wasnt tea party. Jared Lee Lougner’s problems were formed by the mood and the political atmosphere!

  • DUMB. they throw the word assassination around like she was lincoln!this a low level politicion a common crimminal who makes her living stealing from the very people who elected her.the only tragety here is the innocent bystanders who barely get mentioned.now all the other trash politicions are using this to get their own names in the press!

    • Hey wingnut, the only tragedy here is your spelling. That was an assassination attempt. Assassinate (v): to kill suddenly or secretively, esp. a politically prominent person; murder premeditatedly and treacherously. Political prominence is relative. No, Giffords wasn’t Lincoln, but to the 8th district, she was as prominent as it gets. Let me guess, you think Jared Lee Loughner did the equivalent of a citizen’s arrest, right?

  • Hey Flash, when Al Davis gets murdered, you’ll be responsible because of all your hate speech!!


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