Feb 9, 2011

Beyond Scared Straight Needs Fleece Johnson: Booty Warrior

Have you seen “Beyond Scared Straight”? It’s a tragic mess of reality programming where 15 – 20 developing menaces to society are taken to a maximum security prison and scared into righteousness by hardened criminals in the 25 – life club.

At least, that’s what is supposed to happen. Since most of these delinquents think being a criminal is aces and prison isn’t so bad because “you get to work out all day,” they aren’t particularly fazed when Green Eyes – a hulking murderess – gets aggressive, or when a guy tells them how he went on a drug binge and slaughtered a family. They’re not even moved when Diabla, the sort of hard bitch who will cut your balls off and hand em to ya, remarks, “I am the devil, they call me baby devil…I’ll walk up in somebody else’s hood and just smoke you. I don’t ever do drive-bys, I wanna see you die.” [Diabla scared the shit out of me.]

Actually, that’s not true – a couple of them wept and wilted but they’re the ones who were in for truancy and trespassing. For the kids who are eight months away from rape and murder, it’s all rather futile because the only thing they respect is getting kicked in the face. Sadly, that’s not allowed. But let me tell you what wouldn’t be futile — an afternoon with Fleece Johnson, the Booty Warrior of the Kentucky State Penitentiary.

I don’t know why Fleece is in the joint, and I don’t think I want to. But I do know this – if you step in his prison, he’s coming for that ass. As he states during this fascinating video that shines a light on prison rape and situational homosexuality, if he likes you and he wants you, he’s going to have you. You can go about it the easy way or the hard way, but you’re going to give him the booty.

“Beyond Scared Straight” needs to look into this bloke as the next addition to their programme. What makes me think this will work? Well, The Boondocks told me so.


  • “My booty is mine. You can not have my booty.”

  • Somebody call Boggs and The Sisters. They’ve got some competition!

    • “The Sisters have taken quite a liking to you, especially Boggs.”
      “I don’t suppose it would help if I told them that I’m not homosexual.”
      “Neither are they. You have to be human first. They don’t qualify.”

  • I’ve been watching this. The women inmates scare me a helluva lot more than the men do because they’ll talk about stabbing other women in the vag with pencils and all this shit. The dudes don’t talk about rape at all (if they do, it must get edited out). That’s probably why these little assholes are always snickering and rolling their eyes.

    • “I just sold you for a cigarette and I don’t smoke!” Women’s prison is the 5th circle of hell.

  • “And it was always yes!” This crazy motherfucker! What else would they say? You can consent and hope he’s gentle or say no and let him rape you violently.

  • Aaaaaaaagghhh!!! Why does he keep saying booty and laughing?! This guy has ruined so many lives.

    • and what’s phillip seymour hoffman doing as the producer?

  • I assume the “person” in the photos is Diabla? This post should have come with a warning. I will see that in my bloody dreams :)

  • Most disconcerting thing about Fleece (apart from his teeth) is definitely the inappropriate laughter. But what’s hilarious about him is the indication that he’s a booty warrior in semi-retirement. Maybe he found love?

  • Haven’t they proven these programs don’t work? I’ve read that people who go through these programs are actually more likely to offend.

  • I’m scarred for life on so many levels now.

  • Honestly, the thing I find most disturbing is him continuing to use the term “booty.” I mean, if you are talking about anal rape, why use the word that most 5-year olds use to describe their butt? That just makes it more sinister if you ask me

    • It’s so unnerving. He says booty like he’s savoring it; like it tastes good to say it. And obviously he does savor but god damn :(

  • Fleece isn’t scary enough to deliver those threats anymore. Let “Green Eyes” handle it. She doesn’t have a dick but nobody would know that by lookin at her.


  • Those young boys better watch out for those old timers!

  • That is absolutely terrifying.


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