Feb 21, 2011

Blake Griffin: Yeah, And?

I missed the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night but couldn’t avoid the global hysteria over Blake Griffin’s winning dunk. Hearing that someone dunked a basketball after jumping over a car was something I couldn’t even fathom, and then I saw it.

I don’t mean to be so contrary, but seriously? This is what millions are so hyped up about? Have the dunks gotten so lame that this is what counts is show-stopping these days? I thought Griffin jumped OVER the car, not the bloody hood. You can find guys at the playground who can pull this off. Wake me up when someone jumps over the roof of a car with air to spare. That’s when it’ll be time to be impressed. Until then, the only Slam Dunk Contest winner worthy of shock and awe is Michael Jordan’s leap from the foul line in 1988.


  • Serge Ibaka took off with his toe on the free throw line, a solid foot behind where Jordan and Dr. J took off when they did their dunk. Sadly, the 7 footer only got a 45 out of 50. Complete robbery.

  • That was a bullshit popularity contest.

  • If they had such a hard on for giving it the trophy, they shoulda showed a clip of his 10 best dunks of the season so far and called it good. I think they were all better than that.

  • Griffin gets an A for presentation and a C- on the dunk. NBA fandom gets an F for sucking on his balls.

  • haterade.jpg

  • After all, Duncan McKenzie could jump over a car.

    • even after a fattening after dinner speech

  • More proof that the dunk contest should be cancelled

  • Well he has to catch the ball and dunk it. It’s not just jumping over the hood of a car. Not to mention the danger factor. If dude mistimes his jump he could go through a windshield. I don’t know. I thought it was pretty cool.


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