Feb 2, 2011

GAP Introduces Pegged Boyfriend Jeans

Does a “Best Product Name Ever” award exist? If not, can we create one and give it to GAP? The San Fransisco-based outfitter has a new style of jeans on the market called Pegged Boyfriend. It seems they’re the shape of spring but no word on whether they’re loose in the seat.

Now, if you’re anything like me, your mind did a swan dive into the gutter a good five minutes ago. This means you’re wondering if the company who, for years, encouraged customers to “fall into the gap” just issued a clever call-to-action to self-assured women with submissive blokes in their lives. But if you can’t piece together what I’m on about, here’s a NSFW Google search for you. Have a ball.

I like to think my suspicions are bang on, but that’s because I’m a pervert. In the company’s defense, these terms make complete fashion sense when used individually. All the hip kids pegged their jeans in the ’80s (see: Peterson, Sloane and Bueller, Jeanie), and the style has made a comeback in the last couple years. Most women also enjoy a good pair of boyfriend jeans. I love mine. They have a relaxed, hip-slung fit, look fantastic on me, and are incredibly comfortable.

But when these terms are used together and in this order, it all becomes very unfortunate. And by unfortunate, I mean absolutely spectacular. Very clever, marketing department. Fall into the gap, indeed.

The only thing I wonder now is if GAP will market Pegged Boyfriends with the new Strap-On belt and Rusty Trombone Scoopneck tee. I’d like mine in cherry, please. The red will bring out the pop in my already bright blue eyes.


  • This simply did not occur to me LOL That was a rather eye opening google search!

  • To manage pegged boyfriend, gap, and 69 all on one piece of packaging and have it not be for Harmony or some other type sex shop is fine work :)

  • clicking the link was the big mistake of my afternoon!

  • Haha wonderful. I need to run out and buy a pair of these immediately. It’s time to send a message!

  • Didn’t we chase the pegged jean out of our lives in 1992? Why is it coming back? It’s dreadful looking.

    • My mom would never buy me Jordache or Guess, so I always pegged my jeans and looked like I was wearing riding pants with hip pads. Thank God for 1992.

  • So… what happened to The Old Pegged Boyfriend?

    • Brother got worn out!

  • smh.. the Gap didn’t do a google search first?

  • And now Levi’s selling the Ex-Girlfriend Jean (seriously)


    Remember the girlfriend with the great style? Here’s a tribute to her — a fit that’s super-snug allover, an update of the five-pocket classic that’s as skinny as it gets. Made with plenty of stretch.



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