Feb 22, 2011

Thom Yorke is a Single Lady

I’m your typical Radiohead fan, which means I regard their songs as religious experiences, proclaim their superiority to anyone who will listen (and anyone who won’t), and have no trouble dropping £30 on new album packages before listening to a single note. In other words, I’m a pretentious twat of a music snob who judges you based on your iTunes library.

After 15 spins of the new album “The King of Limbs”, I’ve yet to see the face of Almighty and don’t know how to handle it. The band’s eighth album is good, don’t get me wrong, but I want it to be great, and I’m struggling to face the reality that it simply isn’t.** With the exception of “Pablo Honey”, Radiohead has delivered albums that may not have been what I expected or wanted but always turned out to be exactly what I needed. The fact that this album isn’t falling into that category (yet) makes me a little sad and confused. But let me show you the one thing Thom Yorke is (unintentionally) doing to turn my frown upside down –

** Pretentious addendum: Even at simply good and not great, “The King of Limbs” is still better than 98% of the bullshit foisted upon the public by the music industry.


  • We have to consider the possibility that it’s not a work of genius but a very good album from a band that has raised our expectations way too high.

  • I sorta hate you for putting this in my head but hilarious nonetheless :)

  • Oh blimey… it’s awful that if I didn’t know this was actually the Lotus Flower vid I’d think Yorke was having a go at his own Beyonce interpretation.

  • I was hoping you’d drop a little more fleshed out review but I guess this video will have to make amends!

  • I had to watch it on mute but otherwise, it definitely lifts the spirits.

  • This album has to be a holding pattern to something else. A less exciting Hail to the Thief, maybe. I think in a year or two, this album will make perfect sense. Right now though, it’s a little underwhelming for me.

  • i’m still waiting for an article by a fan who thinks radiohead’s genius is actually in the video. by dancing like an absolute fool, they bring more radiohead to the masses — or something like that

  • That was awesome.

    I used to think Radiohead was overrated until I heard them cover that Carly Simon tune and made it completely kick ass. Won’t ever doubt their genius again.

  • I don’t think I’d put a ring on it.

    What year did you follow them around on tour? That feels like a long time ago now.


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