Mar 10, 2011

Jalen Rose: Duke Recruits Uncle Toms

It may come as a shock but I’m not all depressed and ruined over Arsenal’s Champions League exit to Barca on Tuesday. Instead, I’m livid. Completely aggrieved. And you know what? I prefer it this way. Arsenal got rocked in the first half and never had a shot on goal, but we were surviving until a screw job by a useless, crooked cunt sealed our fate. That’s much easier for the soul to handle. Surprisingly, even Sp*rs’ undeserved result against AC Milan can’t harm me. Those twats may be in the quarters but they’ll continue to play second fiddle to Arsenal in North London for the rest of eternity.


In other news, when former NBA and scUM baller Jalen Rose was 18, he thought Duke recruited Uncle Toms.

“For me, Duke was personal. I hated Duke. And I hated everything I felt Duke stood for. Schools like Duke didn’t recruit players like me. I felt like they only recruited black players that were Uncle Toms.”

Is it worth pointing out that 18 year old Jalen couldn’t have told you the origin of the term Uncle Tom, thus illustrating exactly why he wasn’t Duke material? What about the fact that Duke heavily recruited Fab Five teammate Mayce Edward Christopher Webber III, er, excuse me, C-Webb, he of the Detroit Country Day School and 1300-level SAT score? True, he used basketball to get himself out of the killing fields of southwest Detroit and into a prep school, but if Coach K had swayed him, wouldn’t he be an assimilated sellout, too? Frankly, it doesn’t matter at this point. Why? Because Rose was 18. Everything that comes out of an 18 year old’s mouth reeks of idiocy.

However, when ESPN’s “First Take” gave an older, wiser Jalen a chance to reflect on those comments, he basically embraced them.

“Certain schools recruit a typical kind of player whether the world admits it or not. And Duke is one of those schools. They recruit black players from polished families, accomplished families. And that’s fine. That’s OK. But when you’re an inner-city kid playing in a public school league, you know that certain schools aren’t going to recruit you. That’s one. And I’m OK with it. That’s how I felt as an 18-year-old kid.”

Rose insinuates a level of unfairness or discrimination on Duke’s part. Coach Krzyzewski operates a well-oiled machine that wins championships because it stocks talented, hard-working players who buy into his system, play as a unit, and – this one’s important – stay four years instead of bailing for the NBA. It’s not a conspiracy against poor black kids or a devotion to a polished image. It’s about sustaining greatness. Players like Jalen Rose don’t help you sustain greatness. They help you get NCAA sanctions.

Rose also seems resigned to the idea that certain schools don’t recruit inner city kids as a matter of policy — like it’s a fait accompli. Now, maybe I’m not remembering the details of Uncle Tom’s Cabin accurately, but isn’t the character maligned for being passive, complacent, and unwilling to proactively challenge Simon Legree and the white man’s system? By that definition, doesn’t Jalen Rose fall in the Uncle Tom category, too? Or am I not allowed to ask that question?


  • Nothing pisses me off more than that ignorant Uncle Tom bullshit. A black man can’t try to get an education and be a respectable person without being seen as an uppity Uncle Tom who’s selling out the rest. All Rose has done here is prove how much of an idiot he is, not to mention how much that blame game mentality is still killing the black community.

    • just more crab mentality b.s. from a cat who don’t know shit about shit

  • He’s got a point. Certain schools don’t recruit idiots so they can get kids who have some level of intelligence and social awareness.

  • He’s just angry because he never beat Duke. Duke recruits all types of kids. Sean Battier, Grant Hill – wealthy, accomplished, privileged. Will Avery, Elton Brand, Chris Duhon – not so much. Jalen is a punk.

  • You hit it right on the head Flash. Duke does not recuit the illegal recruits that will be promptly followed by an NCAA investigation and sanctions. See Derrick Rose. Coaches like Calipari, Huggins, et al turn a blind eye to SAT scores, rap sheets, and past transgressions to get a year with a blue chipper. They are the sellouts, not people like K, who try to run a clean program.

  • People are trying to give him a pass because he supposedly said it when he was 18. Since when? There’s no record of that. His 38 year old self told us that’s what he thought at 18, and if he can be 20 years removed and still think it’s fit to use that terminology, then he still agrees with it.

  • Didn’t he get arrested at a crackhouse while at UM? Yeah I can see why Coach K didn’t want him.

  • Your Arsenal team fail because of one reason and one reason only.


    It doesn’t matter how pretty their football is, the fact of the matter is that the team of Ompah Lompah’s Wenger has assembled are not strong enough to face tough tackling in the English Premier League and don’t have the heart at the crunch end of the season to go on and win the title. Blame the ref all you want but like a typical gooner you have failed to mention the ref not rightly giving Barca a pen in the first half or the fact that for th 60 odd minutes before Van Persie’s dismissal YOU FAILED TO HAVE A SHOT ON GOAL.

    In fact, the last trophy won by Arsenal was the 2005 FA Cup Final. 120 minutes of dross from your team where again you failed to have a shot on goal and won on pens 5-4 after your manager abandoned his “principles” to park the bus in front of his teams goal and rely on the luck of the draw.

    Maybe if Wenger had the guts to try and sign an established player for around £10-15 million you wold be serious contenders til the end of the season but just like the last few years your season will fizz out before the end of April leaving you potless yet again.

    • I appreciate the venom but you’re preaching to the choir here. I have no delusions about how feckless and weak Arsenal have become. I choose to direct my anger at a red card because I have neither the energy nor the desire to continue harping on the same issues over and over and over again. It’s futile because until Arsene leaves or is threatened with his life to turn this team into a squad of men instead of hapless pretty boys, nothing will change.

  • Jason Whitlock just posted a piece on that asserts much of the same against Jalen Rose’s documentary. He adds, though, that Fab Five’s self-reverential take is a sin against the Ewing-era Georgetown teams that actually did change the face of college basketball — and won championships doing it.

  • Rose is still ghetto and will be ghetto again when he is broke from snorting his cash up his nose.


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