The following information is pretty superficial, but it’s stuff you may want to know if you plan on spending more than eight seconds at my self-aggrandising blog.

I’m a 20-something girl with ocular albinism, severe dyslexia, a Napoleon Complex, a hair-trigger temper, and my own Jump to Conclusions mat. I’m easily annoyed by things that shouldn’t bother me. I’m a rabid, lifelong supporter of the Arsenal Football Club, Oakland Raiders, and New York Yankees.

I’m a Radiohead disciple. I think my left-handedness and musical snobbery make me special. I value my spell checker. I love to shake my laffy taffy around London and trashy international nightclubs.

I’m the goddamn Batman.

I hold dual nationality with the United Kingdom and USA. My father is an American Indian and my mum is English. I’m also a proud Jew, which makes me one of the few Apache Jews on the planet, and one of three who speaks the Queen’s English.

I can be plied with Laphroaig, assorted dark liquors, and red and green gummy bears. I have a chap stick addiction, an asexual crush on Ray Lewis, and a devotion to Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte that borders on disturbing. I run 10 – 12 miles each day and live to surf.

As for the title of my blog, it’s a quote from Desolation Angels, a semi-autobiographical novel by Jack Kerouac. You should read it.


I am a jaded, sarcastic girl prone to unreasonable fits of rage. This site is my outlet. I am not classy, nice, or fair. It's best you know that up front.


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